2016 Rates & Fees*
Dues $155.50
New and returning members one‑time, non-refundable administration equity fee $110.00
Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.
Travel Lift & Launch Ramp:
Seasonal Lift $180.00
Additional/Repair Lift (Members only) $90.00
Non-member Lift $360.00
Lift Operator (HST exempt) $40.00
For each additional hour after 1st $20.00
Season—Boat ≤45 feet (Member) $325.00
Season—Boat >45 feet (Member) $650.00
Season—Boat ≤45 feet (Nonmember) $650.00
Season—Boat >45 feet (Nonmember) $1,300.00
Daily—Winter & Summer (Member) $4.75/day
Daily—Winter & Summer (Nonmember) $9.50/day
Mast Rack & Crane Fee $30.00
Members renting seasonal slips are exempt from the Summer Storage fee
Extended Storage Fee**:
1st year $60.00
2nd Year $110.00
3rd Year $160.00
4th Year + $210.00
Storage (Winter only) $6.50/day
Overnight (Summer Season) $3.50/day
220V Power $15.00/day
Seasonal Slip $525.00
Daily — Member (any size) $8.00/day
Daily — Nonmember ≤50 feet $1.50/ft/day
Daily — Nonmember >50 feet $3.75/ft/day
It is required that visitor charges be paid in advance or a credit card impression left with the bartender.
For uncleaned storage site or dock area $50.00
Payment of Accounts
Payment Timing:
Lift fee & ½-Storage At Haulout
Dues & ½-Storage January 1
Lift Fee At Launch
Slips/Dockage 1st ½-Fee March 30
Slips/Dockage 2nd ½-Fee At Launch or June 1
Credit Cards are unacceptable as payment for Club invoices—cash, cheque, or direct debit only. A service charge may be applied to credit card payments for other services.
Storage Season:
Winter Season Nov 1 – May 31
Summer Season June 1 – Oct 31
* Fees are subject to revision.
** Long-term Storage – A boat is deemed to be in long-term storage after being ashore for two or more consecutive winters without being launched. The fee is due on the 1st of January of the second and subsequent winters ashore.
All Rates & Fees are Exclusive of HST